Happy Birthday Riesling

birthday cake for riesling

Often when I am pouring samples of our wines, people ask me what my favorite is. A natural question, but one that can be surprisingly difficult to answer.  There is a case to be made for most varieties of wine, but if pressed, I will fall back on my old favorite, Riesling. So I was interested to read about the history of the grape, a long and noble one for this white wine originally from Germany.

The grape’s first documented existence dates to March of 1435! Thought to be native to the Rhine Valley, the vines were tended by Benedictine and Carthusian monks (which puts a lot of pressure on modern day growers, if you ask me!) Germany’s most widely grown grape enjoyed a heyday that saw Queen Victoria as a fan, but suffered a decline after the world wars that destroyed the country’s vineyards.

You’ll be glad to know it is back in style, many different styles, actually, due to its versatility. The Riesling you order can be light, delicate, heavier, dry or sweet, but is usually always fruity with a mouth-popping acidity and an aroma that makes you close your eyes and smile. We have an off-dry Riesling in our portfolio, Country Blooming, and invite you to try it on its own, or learn what chef’s and sommeliers know: it is a wonderful food wine, and about to enjoy it’s premier season as a complement to seafood and salads.

It’s Time to Tast the Wine (especially that Riesling!)

Happy Birthday Riesling!


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