Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine Competition

Iron Gate awards at the fair

The wine competition is sponsored by the Dixie Classic Fair which is the second largest fair in North Carolina and the 50th largest in North America.  During the 10 days of the fair, all of the wines entered in the wine competition are put on display for all the fair goers to see.

Competition is open to any commercial vineyard and winery whose wine is produced and bottled in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia .  The goal of the competition is to encourage, stimulate and enrich the reputation of Southeastern vineyards and wineries that produce wines of outstanding quality.

Jim Collins  – Wine Superintendent


2017 Medals

“Flue Fire”                                SILVER

“Brightleaf White”                  BRONZE

“Carolina Gold”                       BRONZE

“Sweet n’ Sassy Cherry”         BRONZE

Chambourcin  2016                BRONZE


2016 Medals

“Sweet n’ Sassy Cherry”         GOLD

Merlot  2015                             SILVER

Chambourcin 2015                 SILVER

“Carolina Gold”                       SILVER

“Flue Fire”                                SILVER

“Country Blooming”               BRONZE


2015 Medals

Chambourcin  2014              GOLD

“Carolina Gold”                     SILVER

Merlot  2014                           BRONZE

“Flue Fire”                                BRONZE

“Rustic Blooming”                  BRONZE

“Sweet n’ Sassy Cherry”         BRONZE




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