What Your Wine Preference Says About You

hands grabbing wines on a table

The New York Post recently carried an eye-catching article that was picked up by the Wine Industry Advisor, to which I subscribe. Perhaps you saw it? It’s titled, “What Your Wine Preference Reveals About Your Personality.” Of course we couldn’t pass that one up!  

As with so many of the binary choices presented to us today, there is much to be said for keeping to the middle ground.  But for the sake of argument, who can resist checking to see how one’s own preferences align with those presented in this survey? There were 2,000 or so adult Americans who participated, and the white wine drinkers were more likely to be extroverted, night owls, and curious. Before you pat yourselves on the back, drinkers of whites were also found to be sarcastic and perfectionists!

That leaves the red wine aficionados to be more introverted, organized, adventurous and humble. Apparently there is also a correlation between choosing a red and turning on the TV to enjoy an episode of “Game of Thrones!”  I probably would have missed that on a multiple choice test…

For the full article, you can click here. But no matter what your likes and dislikes, quirks and qualities, I feel safe in saying that Iron Gate makes a wine for YOU!

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